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Visualize a day’s schedule example at KinichSchool:

A Day at School

English Pathway

Spanish Pathway

Physical Education









· English Pathway: 110 minutes approximately. Transdisciplinary space taught in English that encompasses the development of skills, in a thematic context of the various disciplines that are aligned to a global curriculum. It includes 20 minutes dedicated to independent reading on the LightSail platform.

· Spanish Pathway: 135 minutes approximately. Transdisciplinary space taught in Spanish that covers skills related to multiple academic subjects  as well as the development of reading strategies on the Smart Reading platform and specific mathematical abilities.

· Heedfulness: some minutes of daily consciousness in both pathways (languages) at the beginning of the day and when the coach deems it appropriate.

· DreamBox: considers 60 minutes of weekly exercise. A daily practice of 10 to 15 minutes is advised. Language is optional. Language recommended for Primary lower grades: Spanish; Primary high grades: English.


· One session of Nutrition, OrganiK, Heedfulness and Finance that can be imparted by the student’s main coach on the correspondent language.

· Two sessions of Physical Education and Arts; one weekly session of Technology. Each institution establishes the imparting coach.

· The suggested schedule considers time for breaks, routines and each institution’s disciplines.