Kinich School is an open field of possibilities for the global student.


We work with an innovative educational system, which puts the student at the center of their own learning, as it invites them to build a personalized plan, focused on their interests and on the development of academic and social-emotional skills.


The Kinich School educational system is based on pedagogical models and technological tools that have been implemented in different countries and contexts, proving their effectiveness in the development of the student and their community.


We constantly collaborate to continue growing, evolving and having better and more effective results. We generate alliances with forward looking actors, educational centers and organizations of the highest quality in the world.

A fundamental part of our system is the community that assists the student, for this reason we develop personal growth opportunities for parents or primary caregivers and we keep our coaches constantly updated.


Our System

What do we achieve with the student?

What do we achieve with the family?

What do we achieve with the coaches?

  • Students are active and leading actors in their own learning and in taking it to any space or situation.

  • They develop autonomy, self-efficacy, self-management, a mindset of constant growth and collaboration.

  • They are trained as citizens with high social and global awareness.

  • They involve their parents and community.

  • They encourage deeper connections with their children by adapting schedules and bringing a personalized approach to education.

  • They have a unique lifestyle while continuing their children's education with more freedom, without being tied to a rigid school structure.

  • They learn with their children and discover topics that are not commonly taught in schools.

  • They access opportunities for personal growth and development.

  • School for parents.

  • They are selected considering their training, personality, values ​​and drivers.

  • They stop being the possessor of knowledge to become a guide in the learning of their students.

  • They inspire students to positively impact the world.

  • They remain in constant training and continuous improvement.

  • They design and promote learning aligned with the interests of each student.

  • They build attractive learning environments by integrating innovative strategies.