During the orientation period, we work with parents and students alike to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Orientation Week

Induction Week: Students

The induction week is designed to provide all the necessary information and tools so that students can carry out their school year in a positive way and transition to virtual school, getting the most out of this educational experience.

Some of the topics that will be explored are:

  • The use of the Knotion learning platform.

  • Management of study time and scheduling of daily activities.

  • Strategies to generate routines and maximize the learning process, based on personal needs and learning styles.

  • Get to know the activities offered by the school to maintain an active and dynamic student life, as well as collaborative experiences between students, coaches and parents.

  • Effective communication and school community building.

Orientation Week for Parents. 

We want parents to feel assisted during the transition process. Before starting classes, parents will have an induction space designed specially for them, in order for them to learn about our way of transforming education, as well as understand what we call the systemic transformation of a group.

In these sessions, they will be able to learn about:

  • The educational curriculum and the Knotion platform.

  • Time management and scheduling of daily activities.

  • The role of the family in the educational process of students.

  • Tips or suggested tools to ensure an educational environment at home.

  • Design of the space for student learning.

  • Coaches assigned to different grades and educational levels.

  • Initiatives and special events offered by the school.

  • Communication processes with Kinich to clarify any doubts.