We seek that our students learn and experience in practice from any place, through virtual classes, workshops, teamwork, student clubs, project development, use of technology and other initiatives, in order for them to learn more about the world and themselves.

We use the Knotion® curriculum, recognized and aligned to SEP’s (Mexico’s Secretary of Education) study programs, to cover the expected learning in students through the methodologies of Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking.

Virtual classes are conducted from the Knotion® and Zoom® platforms, facilitated by one of our highly trained coaches.



Inner Kore

Outer Kore

Knotion Virtues

We want our students to have a healthy, prosperous, sustainable and happy life.

We develop the necessary skills to face the challenges of our ever-changing world in our students.

We help to form a whole, happy, trustworthy, responsible and wise humanity. We are convinced that living in love, living in truth and living in the present are the basis for achieving comprehensive development.

  • Nutrition

  • Organic

  • Heefullness

  • Finance

  • Communication

  • Information and media reading

  • Digital responsibility

  • Personal and social empowerment

  • Collaboration, leadership and project development

  • Innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

  • Love

  • Veracity

  • Focus

Global Journey

We integrate learning through a multicultural journey around the world, discovering and creating with each adventure.

  • Me

  • My family

  • My community

  • My world


  • Mexico

  • Norway

  • Brazil

  • France

  • South Africa

  • Canada

  • Russia

  • Hungary


  • Japan

  • Greece

  • Venezuela

  • China

  • Kenya

  • Denmark

  • Poland

  • Croatia


  • Nutritionist

  • Artesan

  • Programmer

  • Archeologist

  • Entrepreneur

  • Referee


Global Knotions

We align learning to real life through eight major themes, changing the way we think and act in our world.

  • Health & Wellness

  • Biomes and Ecosystems

  • Science, Technology and Innovation

  • Origins and Cultural Diversity

  • Productivity and Economy

  • Power, Authority and Civility

  • Crisis and Conflict Resolution

  • Environment and Sustainability

Knotion Impact Learning Model

We merge “Design Thinking” architecture with relevant and significant transdisciplinary challenges solution-building, generating learning based on concrete actions.