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For the 2020-2021 school year, the enrollment and monthly tuition costs are described below:

Enrollment (annual payment)

Enrollment for Student

(annual payment)

  • Enrollment: $6,600 MXN (aprox. USD 300)

  • iPad®*: *Direct price at Apple

*Direct price at Apple.

Tuition for students

(10 monthly payments)

  • Elementary: $5,800 MXN** (aprox. USD 264)

  • Middle School:  $6,350 MXN** (aprox. USD 289)

What does the monthly tuition include? 

  • Access to the Knotion platform and content for students and parents.

  • Classes and assistance sessions with coaches.

  • Student participation in socialization activities generated by the school.

  • Workshops and conferences for parents or legal guardians.**

  • Tuition is made up of 10 monthly payments starting in September, and ending in June of the following year.

*Except for activities (classes, workshops, among others) On Demand, offered by external partners.

** With the exception of activities offered by external partners On Demand.

Additional costs

  • We recommend owning a printer. On Demand classes have a monthly cost of $850 to $1,600 MXN. (aprox USD 39 to USD 73) For some activities you will be asked for materials that allow the student to make their learning experience more complete.


  • Elementary: 8:30 - 14:00 hrs.

  • Middle School: 8:30 - 14:30 hrs.

Tuition Fees


Virtual Information Sessions

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