Awakening the senses and natural curiosity in children and teenagers.

We are a virtual dual-language environment that fosters innovation, creativity and exploration to learn, master skills, experiment to transform the world.

We seek the success of boys, girls and young ones not only in school but in life.

Why choose Kinich School?

We seek the success of boys, girls and young ones not only in school but in life.


Our learning system combines elements of personalized learning, remote learning environment, digital education and project-based learning, enhancing the impact of education in discovering the interests and abilities of students to develop their socio-emotional, intellectual and practical capacities.

Lifelong Learning



We are a virtual school that allows students to live an educational experience to carry out their studies from anywhere in the world.


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We value the importance of academic content, but we also include the learning of other languages, conscious leadership, global citizenship, talents and skills that will be vital to face the constantly changing world.

Global Students


We are in the process of accreditation by COGNIA. With this accreditation our students, upon completion of their studies, receive an official valid transcript from the United States, which is recognized by 80 countries.

International Certification


Elementary School


Middle School


Our allies

We have incredible allies that help us generate a unique education ecosystem capable of providing the best tools for all our students.

Organization specialized in the creation, execution and operation of educational projects that seek to redesign ways of learning and teaching. With more than 10 years of experience in teacher professional training.

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An incredible team of educators, scientists, and global thinkers that created a comprehensive learning ecosystem that, with the help of technology, integrates curricular standards and a high level of global citizen awareness.

Instituto DIA promotes forms of learning based on “DIA” Mediation that generate experiences of human and family development as well as spaces for personal and educational transformation.

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It currently serves more than 95,000 students in Colombia, Chile, Spain, the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica. This individualized education system focuses on the students, their interests, abilities, competence and needs.


Virtual Information Sessions

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